The Fraser of Allander Institute Podcast

Coronavirus and impacts on the global economy: view from Hong Kong

Episode Summary

Dr Jim Walker, Chief Economist at Aletheia Capital, an independent advisory firm based in Hong Kong, joins Graeme Roy and Mairi Spowage to discuss the global economy and the impact of the coronavirus. They discuss what we know so far about the impact on countries in Asia and emerging markets, what the policy response has been from governments across the world, and what the long term global impacts could be of the crisis.

Episode Notes

Graeme Roy, Director, Fraser of Allander Institute

Jim Walker, Chief Economist, Aletheia Capital
Mairi Spowage, Deputy Director, Fraser of Allander Institute

[1:00] Have we seen anything like this before in the global economy?
[2:44] How Asian economies are coping with the pandemic
[5:50] Have different economies reacted differently because of structural difference or different policy responses?
[8:14] How could developing countries cope?
[11:45] What could the UK learn from other countries’ policy responses
[15:50] Monetary policy responses across the globe
[17:37] Long term impacts of the crisis on the global economy