The Fraser of Allander Institute Podcast

Devolution in 2020: What have we learnt from Brexit and COVID-19?

Episode Summary

Mairi Spowage, Deputy Director of the Institute, is joined by Dr Hannah White, Deputy Director of the Institute for Government, to discuss the interaction between the budgetary processes at Westminster and the devolved governments, how well devolved budgetary processes are understood by Westminster, the experience of inter-governmental relations throughout the pandemic, and of course Brexit and the Internal Market Bill.

Episode Notes

Mairi Spowage (FAI)

Dr Hannah White (Institute for Government)

(02:10) How well are devolved budgetary processes understood at Westminster?

(05:24) What COVID-19 has taught us about the interaction between Westminster and the devolved parliaments.

(14:37) The impact of Brexit on inter-governmental relations.