The Fraser of Allander Institute Podcast

Election Podcast #1

Episode Summary

In our first election podcast, Mairi Spowage, Emma Congreve, David Eiser and Stuart McIntyre reflect on the big themes likely to feature in this election and answer some of the questions asked by our webinar audience earlier this week that we didn’t have time to answer.

Episode Notes


Mairi Spowage, Interim Director, FAI


Emma Congreve, Head of Poverty & Equalities Analysis FAI

David Eiser: Head of Fiscal Analysis FAI

Stuart McIntyre: Head of Research, FAI


(02:32) Reflections on the big themes discussed at the election webinar

(13:32) Adult social care reform

(16:49) Income tax powers

(25:15) Labour market outlook

(30:31) New social security powers