The Fraser of Allander Institute Podcast

Low income and enterprise

Episode Summary

In this podcast, Emma Congreve speaks to Isla Kapasi from the University of Leeds about research carried out on low income self-employment in Scotland. This is a fascinating and important topic given the large numbers of people in poverty who are in self-employed households. The research looks into the reasons why people start their own business, and the constraints they face in trying to earn an adequate income. In the podcast we also discuss what policy makers could do to support this group of the self-employed, and what Covid-19 may mean for the self employment.

Episode Notes


Chair: Emma Congreve, FAI

Guest: Isla Kapasi, University of Leeds


(02:25) Motivations for self employment 

(06:37) Are there particular groups that are affected

(11:53) Implications for policy

(24:12) Post Covid considerations for low income self employed

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