The Fraser of Allander Institute Podcast

The Spending Review and the latest data on the Scottish Economy

Episode Summary

In this latest podcast, Emma Congreve, Mairi Spowage and David Eiser of the FAI talk about the what the Spending Review means for Scotland and the outlook for the public expenditure, as well as a round-up of the latest news on GDP out this week. What does the OBR think will happen to the UK economy? What decisions will the Scottish Government have to make in their budget on January 28th? How much do we need to worry about the UK debt at the moment? And will the run up to Christmas be make or break for firms in Scotland?

Episode Notes


Emma Congreve, FAI
Mairi Spowage, FAI
David Eiser, FAI

(0:26) Headlines from the Spending Review
(04:22) What choices will need to be made by the Scottish Government
(08:55) Future outlook for public finances and the economy
(13:35) No announcement on Universal Credit and implications
(14:41) Scottish GDP statistics and challenges over the next few months
(19:49) Look ahead to the next Quarterly Economic Commentary